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Period Panties – How to buy the best one?

BySimson Arulandu

Mar 8, 2022
Not all women are daring enough to buy panties that suits them
because they feel uneasy to buy in a shop thinking that it is shameful and shy. 
This kind of thought should be changed it is just like choosing other parts of clothing. Due to lack of knowledge, many women don’t find the right panty that suits them, particularly during periods.The reason is they don’t know where and how to buy period panties that suit them perfectly. There are different types of period panties available based on size, shape, and color. 

To select the right panty for you first you need to determine its size by trying it on a pair of jeans or pants. Always try to wear period panties based on your body size and shape and find the right style that is best for you else it will make you feel inconvenience and discomfort.One of the right ways to find your size is to measure it with measuring tape for the best fit. In other words, try to make a trial with different varieties to find your best suit. After deciding to buy your panty try to get knowledge on different choices that are available in the market.

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