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Is it true that Kumbakonam is seeing transformation?

BySimson Arulandu

Oct 21, 2022
Houses in Kumbakonam

Are you planning to build individual home or apartment in the city of Kumbakonam? Don’t hesitate to buy a DTCP approved plots located in Subhamangala Avenue. Kumbakonam is seeing massive transformation in the recent past.

Kumbakonam Municipal Corporation is taking “Smart City” initiatives and the city will become a clean and tidy destination within few years from now. Working professionals who are finding difficult to commute from outskirts should decide to buy DTCP approved plots located in Subhamangala Avenue.

The market prices of Houses in Kumbakonam has seen steep increase in the recent past. The cost price of Houses in Kumbakonam is reasonable compared to other cities like Pondicherry, Chennai, Karaikkal, and Tanjore.

You can visit Subhamangala Avenue with your family members during weekend or holidays and inspect the plots. The facilities and amenities in Subhamangala Avenue are listed below.

  • World class multispecialty hospitals and nursing homes
  • Best international schools and colleges
  • Tasty and pure drinking water
  • Pollution and serene environment
  • DTCP approved plots
  • Round the clock bus and transportation facilities

There are plenty of hostels, mansions, hotels and lodges in Kumbakonam that offers world class hospitality services to the clients. You can stay in one of the rental accommodations and visit Subhamangala Avenue DTCP approved plots. This is a beautiful and spacious house for sale in kumbakonam, located in a desirable neighborhood.